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San Diego, CA est. 2007

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Reply Milsim Suite
7:52 PM on April 27, 2017 
I'd like to present to you a website for Airsoft team management.
There are several great features that will help you and save time when managing players, events, games, operations, financial and much more.

We are on Facebook:

Check it out our website too:

Get to know and enjoy this amazing tool. Focus more on the fun and let the bureoucratic work for Milsim Suite.

Best Regards.
Reply Jesse Parsen
10:45 AM on August 9, 2016 
I know you a SD team but what fields specifically do you play out of?
Reply pablo
1:59 PM on July 24, 2016 
how can I join this team???
Reply Opfield
5:26 AM on July 21, 2015 
We contact you to let you discover our new FREE and ESSENTIAL website to every Airsoft team, events organizers and freelance players.
We all know it?s a pain to find events or teams, even close to your home.
Created by web professionals and above all real Airsoft enthusiasts, OPField is the solution dedicated to Airsoft.

For every event organizers, will help you to promote your events. They will appear on our map to be visible by every member at first glance, whether they?re near you or from all over the world!
We provide you with a quick and easy way to manage your events:
- Print the list of registered players in one click,
- Every payment information detailed in the list,
- A complete and ready-to-use registration form,
- Our support whenever it?s needed!

With OPField, you can also:
- At first look on our map find nearest players / teams / events,
- Create and manage your association or team to be displayed on the map,
- Find a player or team you met through an event,
- Find every incoming events on the map and register in few seconds.

New features:
1) The new Debriefing section :
In which you?ll discover two parts: Feedbacks and Gallery.
Any player registered to an event appearing on OPField will be able to rate the game / organizing team / playing field. So that anyone will be able to check the quality of past events!
An organizing team you don?t know anything about? Just check the feedbacks to see if they?re reliable!

Gallery part will allow any OPField member who has participated to an OPField event to upload pictures taken during this event!
A simple way to share all your pictures with other players!
A single link to see every pictures of an event!

2) 24h or less events :
As the title says, you?ll be able to use this new feature to publish your 24h or less events on OPField!
Entirely free, this will allow you to promote your field and team, even if you don?t organize 24h or more events!

You?ll even be able to publish your ?Sunday games? every Sunday of a year if you want to!
And it?s really easy, for example when you create your 24h or less event, select the starting date at 1st of January and ending date at 31st of December. This way, your 24h or less event will be published for every Sunday of the year.

Help us to make our community grow and help Softair to be recognized all over the world!
Join us now!

OPField team.
Reply Francisco Dao
3:43 PM on January 8, 2015 

I run a Navy SEAL Fantasy Camp on Catalina Island (see and I just wanted to put it on your radar in case you were interested.

Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Reply Larry Wahl
5:50 PM on August 2, 2014 
GelCool is now offering the same cooling packs used by the U.S. Army to the Airsoft community. Please visit to learn more.

I hope you will consider letting your members know about us - they will be much more comfortable and safe in the heat.
Reply Aaron Gobel
12:31 AM on April 3, 2014 
Hey i have a group its called UNSC. I know its from Halo but that's the team. I am contacting you guys if you guys would like make the UNSC big. contact me if you want to thanks
Reply santi
8:41 PM on March 22, 2014 
hey im looking for a team to join and i was wondering if i can join u i live in san macros so olzz msg me back thank u
Reply Mike wietecha
6:32 AM on January 21, 2014 

My name is Mike Wietecha I am starting my own airsoft range facility, but we have had trouble getting our permit due to the negative press of recent events. We wanted to make something for airsofters to practice accuracy, but also create something that will allow the public to be more comfortable with airsoft guns...Especially in California. It has electronic targets and two people shoot at a time, and it records your speed and accuracy. It is really fun shooting against another person, maybe not as fun as shooting at them, but pretty close =) Please check it out and let me know what you think. Thanks so much!

- Mike
510 789 3868
Reply Sly
12:12 PM on October 8, 2013 
How can I join?